Charissa (lilmissdogooder) wrote in bookishbookworm,

Mommy/Baby Parenting Books For Sale!

What To Eat When You're Expecting by Arlene Eisenberg, paperback, 349 pages, immaculate condition, $7.

The Girlfriends' Guide To Pregnancy: Or Everything Your
Doctor Won't Tell You by Vicki Iovine, paperback, 262 pages, very good condition, $5.

The Complete Mothercare Manual: the Classic Comprehensive
Reference Every Parent Must Have, An Illustrated Guide To Pregnancy, Birth and Childcare Through Age Five by Rosalind Y. Ting, M.D., paperback, 304 pages, very good condition, $5.

Dictionary of Firstnames: More Than 10,000 Names For Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Kolatch, paperback, 506 pages, very good condition, $5.

1-800-DeadBeat: How To Collect Your Child Support by Simone Spence, paperback, 182 pages, very good condition, $4.
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Do you still have Dictionary Of First Names?